Pictures With Words (Cover Art)

Notre Dame Cathedral

photographed by Larry Everage |

The University of Notre Dame in Paris and the University of Oxford, England are esteemed globally as two of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. But what if the story of how they started was just as widespread? In the 10th and 11th centuries, when the library at Cordova housed thousands of manuscripts and the Moors in Spain boasted more than 70 public libraries, even the nobles of European society were largely illiterate with little access to or desire for book learning. It wasn’t until the Moors visited the cathedral at Notre Dame and shared their system of education that the seeds of intellectual advancement that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages were sown. The cover art for Suave x Prospek’s latest single, Pictures with Words, features an image shot by photographer Larry Everage of the South Rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral. It was in these chambers that Moorish academics shared with Parisian dignitaries the knowledge that would eventually influence The Renaissance that brought the Middle Ages to an end. #MoorHistory #PicsWithWords | Things Your Didn’t Know About the Moors of Spain

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