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Suave’s New Music Biz Podcast “Musician Middle Class” Episode 1


The new podcast Musician Middle Class, created and hosted by veteran professional musicians Nate “Suave” Cameron and Kevin Seal, is focused on supporting working class musicians who are opposed to the outdated “feast-or-famine” model of the music business. This monthly show caters to artists who are looking for ways to network with other like-minded musicians, support themselves financially, and feed their families rather than pining for some elusive pie-in-the-sky major label advance. The podcast also features newly-discovered music from working-class artists all over the world.

The first episode, titled “Who, What, When, Why”, introduces listeners to the show’s concept by delving deeper into the purpose behind it. By hearing some of the hosts’ original musical creations, listeners will learn more about the show’s creators, and why creative independence is imperative to them. Suave and Seal will also share their perspectives on the independent rock music scene of the show’s home base, Berkeley, CA.

This episode features the first of a segment called, “N.A.N” (or “New And Nice”) that showcases a 30-second snippet of three to five songs on a newly released album from any genre…

Tunes from this episode:

N.A.N. Album of The Month:

Independence, interdependence, solidarity, building communities, building a sustainable economy for working musicians.

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 Musician Middle Class Episode 1 “Who, What, When, Why” :