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[New Single] Suave x Prospek – “Pictures With Words”

Suave_Prospek - Pictures With Words(Single Art)

Suave x Prospek Release “Pictures With Words,” The First Single From Their Forthcoming Album, Politics of Life & Love

Succeeding their debut album, Day 2 Day Soul (2012) – a project both highly praised by independent music critics like The Indie Mine and Nerdy Boi Media and nominated for Album of the Year at the New Orleans Hip Hop Awards – this sophomore offering builds on the natural connection and complementary worldviews Nate “Suave” Cameron and Jonathan “Prospek” Bailey share.  While the two currently reside in different parts of the United States, with Suave a recent transplant to The Bay Area and Prospek currently calling Cincinnati home, their ability to weave together seamlessly their creative expression has not been lost. If “Pictures With Words” is any indication, this album will continue a recent but potent legacy of soulful, expressive lyrics, inventive production, and provocative socially-relevant themes.

The single artwork for “Pictures with Words” features an image captured by New Orleans-based photographer Larry Everage of the South Rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral. It was in these chambers that Moorish academics shared with European dignitaries (later the founders of Oxford and Notre Dame of Paris) the knowledge that would eventually influence The Renaissance that brought the Middle Ages to an end. Much like this historic view, Politics of Life & Love is a window into how unseen and often unrecognized forces shape the realities we stake our lives, loves, and identities to. – K.O.C.

Written & Arranged By: Nate “Suave” Cameron of GPNYC Records

Composed, Produced, Engineered, & Mixed By: Jonathan “Prospek” Bailey of GPNYC Records

Recorded & Mixed at: New Fidelity Studios (Cincinnati, OH)

(New Music & Video) Suave ft. Brando – Keep My Rhythm (prod. by Burn&Loot x Prospek)

All Work No Play’s versatile duo of Brando and Burn&Loot team up with long time musical collaborators and friends Suave and Prospek of The Guerilla Publishing Company. During a recent getaway to the Midwest, AWNP found themselves in Cincinnati, Ohio at New Fidelity Studios organically creating music with Suave and Prospek as they had countless times before back in New Orleans at various studios. Music was produced, lyrics were scribed, instruments were played, vocals were tracked, frequencies were tweaked, and the cameras were rolling the entire session.

“Keep My Rhythm” is an anthem of sorts that was created in the spirit of encouraging people of all walks of life and all different hustles to want to continue grinding harder when progress is made and success is within reach. Suave provides the soulful yet driving hook & first verse and is accompanied lyrically by Brando’s unique marriage of cadence, authenticity, and flow. Production was laid down and engineered by Burn&Loot with assistance from Prospek on the live percussion and instrumentation. Both duos have been nominees and recipients of various New Orleans Hip Hop Awards in multiple categories and look to excel to the next level in 2015 with a couple of huge things in the works and their upcoming albums. Brando’s “Bambino” (Coming Soon) & Suave x Prospek’s “Politics Of Life and Love” (Coming March 2015)
The video, directed, shot, and edited by AWNP is the raw and organic session that took place in Cincinnati, Ohio that cold October weekend these four versatile hip hop artists and connoisseurs linked back up after not doing so for over a year.



TRISING Recording Students(Fresno, CA) Remake Suave’s “Pain B4 Progress” for Community Project




The mission of T.R.I.S.I.N.G. (Teen Recording & Instructional Studios to Inspire the Next Generation) studios is to create a safe and positive environment for local youth of Fresno, CA to cultivate their passion for music. Through the fulfillment of our mission T.R.I.S.I.N.G. envisions the development of a community that celebrates and encourages positive music and where our youth can flourish as passionate musicians and artist.

One of their leaders, brother Marcel Woodruff, years ago heard a song I wrote and performed quite frequently back during my weekly hosting/house band performance duties  of “Liberation Lounge” on Sundays at Blackstar Caffe & Books back home in New Orleans. The song, “Pain B4 Progress,” from my debut album, speaks from the POV of a kids wanting to escape the wilds of their surroundings all while not wanting to be judges for coming from that environment.


Marcell and his student s choose “Pain B4 Progress” as a song they wanted to remix and add their own personal experience and flavor to. The video and song are being used to show the program’s and the students’ endorsement for the “Lifeline to Healing Campaign”, a national effort of the Faith In Community (FIC) National Network that aims to address the root causes of violence in cities.

I loved the vibe and expression that these young artists brought to my composition. I’m honored to have been selected by them. Check out these young gifted artists and their music, and this awesome program providing a much needed platform in the Arts for our kids.


T.R.I.S.I.N.G. Studios Faith In Community Lifelines to Healing Endorsement
Written & composed by Nate: Suave –
Edited by: T.R.I.S.I.N.G. Studios
Artist: Jenuin & Halo
Produced by Fokus

“T.R.I.S.I.N.G supports Faith in Community’s LIFELINES TO HEALING campaign which aims to end the issue of mass incarceration in America and inner city violence.”

Download the Day 2 Day Soul EP NOW!

Download the Day 2 Day Soul EP NOW!

The first official release from Guerilla Publishing Co. (GPnyC), Suave and Prospek‘s Day 2 Day Soul EP, is available for download NOW! Click here to name your own price  for six (6) tracks of original live instrumentation and lyrics.

Video: This Can’t Work – Suave x Prospek

The first video from the highly-anticipated GPNYC Records released EP “Day 2 Day Soul” by producer Prospek & soul singer Suave, “This Can’t Work” serves as both a eulogy to love gone wrong and a promise of music gone right. Suave’s soulful crooning mixed with Prospek’s live instrumentation all highlighted by a jazzy trumpet feature from Christopher Cotton of The Stooges Brass Band is a musical foretelling of what happens when chemistry meets craft. Shot on location in New Orleans, La, directed and edited by All Work/No Play Productions, this video is an excellent introduction to what these ambitious independent artists have in store.